When Seemingly Minor Violations Have Big Consequences

Most people have at least some sort of familiarity with traffic violations, such as a speeding, parking or another type of traffic ticket. What many don't know is that the speeding ticket that was a minor inconvenience on your way to work last week could cause an even bigger disruption for you later on. Our attorneys at Sciro & Marotta, P.C., have decades of experience in assisting those in the Paterson area with both traffic and municipal violations. If you've recently received a traffic violation ticket, getting the opinion of an attorney could be to your advantage.

Protecting Your Privilege To Drive

Traffic violations can seem insignificant and potentially not even something you give much thought to. However, the consequences that follow could be significant, especially for those with multiple offenses, including:

  • License issues: points taken off following a violation can lead to a suspended license
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Steep fines

Driving is a privilege; don't let a violation take that away from you. Our lawyers can review your case to determine how to proceed with the charges and whether fighting them could be beneficial for you. While some cases may warrant simply paying the fine you were assigned, others that could result in more severe consequences, including a misdemeanor or felony charge, the loss of your license or more, could be well worth pursuing. In this case, our attorneys will work with you to consider your legal options to help you both retain your license and avoid paying potentially high fees or increased premiums.

Get The Opinion Of An Experienced Attorney

Obtaining the opinion of an attorney, especially one so familiar with the local traffic laws and court system, can be extremely beneficial to your case and your future ability to drive if you have had a traffic violation such as a speeding ticket, construction zone speeding, negligent driving or texting while driving violation, especially after a car accident. Contact us in the city of Paterson by calling 866-426-5123 or by reaching out online.

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