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Motorcycle fatalities spike in New Jersey

If you are one of the many residents in New Jersey who loves the freedom and feeling that comes with riding a motorcycle, you are no doubt eagerly awaiting the return of spring when the weather makes riding a bike more enjoyable. However, you should also be aware that you face a lot of risks sharing the road with other vehicles. Drivers of passenger vehicles do not always look for motorcyclists and that may contribute to some accidents. Unfortunately, the number of bikers killed in accidents in New Jersey increased for two consecutive years.

Tax changes and your divorce

If you are one of the many people in New Jersey who is starting off the new year with a split from your spouse, you will want to educate yourself about the new tax laws that just went into effect at the start of January. This will be especially important for couples who may have retirement assets to split or for whom alimony may be a factor in divorce. 

Grounds for divorce in New Jersey

Those in Paterson looking into ending their marriages may come across two distinct divorce-related terms that may seem contradictory: "no-fault divorce" and "grounds for divorce." The former gives the impression that one need not cite fault when seeking a divorce, while the latter implies that there does indeed need to be a reason for a couple to divorce. While outwardly confusing, these two legal principles actually complement each other. 

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