Drunk driving: These are options to help prevent a DUI

If you're someone who likes to go out and have a good time, you probably know how quickly you can get into trouble with the law if you drink and drive. Fortunately, the world has changed a lot, and it's much easier to go without a vehicle.

There are multiple options that can help you prevent a DUI, so that you don't ruin your summer or someone else's. Here are three tips that you should consider.

1. Call a ridesharing service

One of the easiest things to do today is to call a ridesharing service. With the click of a button on a smartphone or a quick call to a local service, you can have a taxi or rideshare head to your location on demand. It's quick, affordable and keeps you off the road when you're intoxicated.

2. Get a small Breathalyzer

Another option is to carry a small Breathalyzer. Did you know that one of these affordable Breathalyzer tests can help you prevent an accident and will help you avoid a DUI? Many of them are small enough to go on a keyring or to be kept in your vehicle, so that you can simply blow into it and see your blood alcohol content on demand. If it's not low enough, simply wait 30 minutes and test again. That way, you'll have no risk of a DUI and will know that you're safe to drive.

3. Get a designated driver or keep someone on call

Finally, it's easy to have a designated driver for the night or to call someone and have them come to get you. If you go out with friends, ask along someone you know doesn't drink, and they'll be certain not to. If you all enjoy drinking, have a friend who isn't coming on standby, ready to pick you up at a predetermined time at the end of the night. Doing this takes a little planning, but you'll all get home safely.

These are just three possible ways to get to a club, bar or other place and home again without the risk of getting into a crash as a result of a DUI. If you do decide to drive drunk, you could end up facing serious penalties in New Jersey like fines and time in jail. If you are arrested, call your attorney right away, because a defense that begins immediately is going to do more for you than one that is devised at the last minute.

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