AI could provide the solution to distracted driving

According to the National Safety Council, an average of nine people are killed and 100 are injured every day in the U.S. in distracted driving crashes. Most drivers in New Jersey are aware of the dangers of cognitive, visual and manual distractions, yet many choose to do nothing about them. This is where new technology can make a difference, namely artificial intelligence.

The mechanics of deep learning and recent advances in computer vision technology are helping car makers to build cameras and sensors that can monitor driver behavior in the car and set off alarms when drivers are distracted. Manufacturers are also focusing on how to capture drivers' attention with these alarms. For instance, the system could turn off the radio or turn down the volume to make the alarm something more than just "white noise."

Other systems may cause the car to brake, steer or follow other navigational commands when drivers are distracted. Visual AI can be used to allow car makers to pinpoint new distractions that they can build alerts for. Someday, such features may become mandatory on all new vehicles. There is a precedent for this: By 2020, all new cars in the U.S. will be equipped with automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning systems.

Those who believe they have a valid personal injury case because they were injured at the hands of a distracted driver may want to consult with an attorney. If the defendant was using their phone before the car accident, then obtaining the phone records might prove his or her guilt. In other cases, distraction is harder to prove. With an attorney, victims may have a better chance of negotiating a fair settlement with the other side's auto insurance company. As a last resort, victims could choose to litigate.

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