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AI could provide the solution to distracted driving

According to the National Safety Council, an average of nine people are killed and 100 are injured every day in the U.S. in distracted driving crashes. Most drivers in New Jersey are aware of the dangers of cognitive, visual and manual distractions, yet many choose to do nothing about them. This is where new technology can make a difference, namely artificial intelligence.

Multi-vehicle crash injures 5-year-old, 3 others

Authorities in New Jersey take auto accidents that injure children and/or pedestrians very seriously. The same holds true in Brooklyn, where law enforcement issued a summons to a teenage girl who allegedly struck two other vehicles and a pedestrian with her sports car on Monday afternoon. 

The Glasgow Coma Scale explained

Most people in Paterson likely share the hope that they will never have to deal with the consequences of a traumatic brain injury (be it one that they themselves suffer or one sustained by a family member or friend). Yet these types of injuries are more common than many may think. Indeed, according to information shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 2.5 million Americans were seen in hospital emergency departments for TBIs in 2014 alone. 

Reviewing the attractive nuisance doctrine

Summertime in Paterson offers your kids the chance the to enjoy carefree days full of adventure and excitement from all that the local area has to offer. As a parent, however, you often cannot fully enjoy the same benefit. That is because you worry about what your kids might encounter when they are out there having fun (specifically those attractions that might harm them when they are out there having fun). Many parents have come to us here at the Law Office of Scirocco & Marotta after their kids have been hurt by one of these attractions wondering what (if any) legal recourse is available to them. 

Brain injury lawsuit alleges negligent hiring

The legal principle of respondeat superior assigns liability to employers in Paterson for the negligent actions of their employees. Yet in many cases, an investigation into an employee's background might call into question the decision to hire them in the first place. In many industries, it is expected that employers will perform a thorough background check on job candidates to see if anything from their past may call their judgment into question (at the very least, employers should get an idea as to whether or not a person is qualified during the interview process). If those expectations are not met, and an employee later causes damages, accusations of negligent hiring may be leveled at the employer. 

Truck accident fatalities in New Jersey

Tractor-trailers, dump trucks, delivery trucks and other large vehicles are often seen on the roads and highways of New Jersey. While these rigs do important jobs that help people and communities get the goods or services they need, they can also pose serious risks to other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Accidents involving large commercial vehicles can be some of the deadliest.

Speed, drinking continue to claim lives

If you are like most people in New Jersey, you have driven past your share of car accidents. If you are lucky, most of these have been minor collisions that have not resulted in serious harm to any person. Unfortunately, this does not mean that serious accidents do not happen. You only need to scan news headlines to learn that vehicular fatalities continue to plague the region. Even worse is the fact that many of these incidents are caused by the conscious reckless behavior of drivers.

Motorcycle fatalities spike in New Jersey

If you are one of the many residents in New Jersey who loves the freedom and feeling that comes with riding a motorcycle, you are no doubt eagerly awaiting the return of spring when the weather makes riding a bike more enjoyable. However, you should also be aware that you face a lot of risks sharing the road with other vehicles. Drivers of passenger vehicles do not always look for motorcyclists and that may contribute to some accidents. Unfortunately, the number of bikers killed in accidents in New Jersey increased for two consecutive years.

The holidays raise special worries about drunk driving

At any time of the year, drunk driving can cause great harm. Just how significant of a traffic safety issue drunk driving is here in New Jersey can be seen in state statistics. Over the past five years, New Jersey has seen around 38,000 alcohol-related crashes. These accidents led to over 700 fatalities.

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